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When I started, I started out as a wine maker and at the time there was very little available ingredient supplies for brewing beer. The local wine shops were just getting brewing supplies and there were signs warning that these were for cooking, or demonstration purposes only; given that home brewing was still not legal at the time. For those of us who were wine makers however, there wasn't much that would deter us from a new addition to our beverage hobby. So, already having a good handle on fermentation techniques, I picked up some simple ingredients and ran for the house.

I now had a can of liquid malt, a bag of dry malt extract, some whole hops, dry brewers yeast some mineral additives and two printed pamphlets with beer recipes. 

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Yes these are the originals that I bought in 1972. Quality Brewing by Byron Burch and A Treatise on Lager Beers by Fred Eckhardt, and I still have them.





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So lets start with the basic of the ingredients; water.

Some of the beer profile will come from the water that you use. Continue Reading